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Mentorship Programmes available with HMO Matters

Creating and managing an HMO (or portfolio of HMOs) is just like any other business. There are several skills that need to be harnessed. From floor plans to accounts, managing builders and attracting tenants - the list is endless.

Whilst there are many resources available (including HMO Matters) to help you on your way, many people want one-to-one support to help them get on their way.

To bridge this gap, HMO Matters operates a mentorship program.  We work a limited number of mentees at any one time on a highly-individualised basis. We understand your aspirations, and help you achieve them within a pre-set time scale.


What are the benefits of mentorship?

Instant access to knowledge – Several years of experience available on tap.

Risk mitigation – Mistakes cost both money and time. A mentorship helps you avoid the mistakes.

Saves time – Allocate your time more productively as your learning time will be reduced.

Accountability – Knowledge is nothing without doing. making excuses for not doing things is human nature.  We ensure you do the doing.


What is covered in a mentorship?

Sourcing – How to employ systems, tools and methods to find your properties, and to negotiate the purchase.

Finance – How to raise finance and how to structure purchase for tax efficiency.

Design – Help with designing a quality property tailored to your target market.

Conversion/ Development – Help with designing your property, finding a contractor, and managing the work.

Procurement – Sourcing quality materials, furniture, appliances etc at the very best prices.

Onboarding Tenants – Finding tenants, choosing tenants, onboarding tenants, managing tenants.

On-going management – Maintenance, housekeeping, tenant management.

Systemisation – How to save time by systemising your property business.


Is it worth it?

At the end of the Mentorship you will have a fully functioning HMO which will provide a life-time income for you which will pay the fee many, many times over. In fact, its likely the fee will be received in cost savings before you even start taking any rent.


What are the next steps?

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation. You can ask me anything you like about HMOs. If at the end of the conversation you feel there is rapport and that I am someone you could work with, then we can provide you with more information on my mentorship program.