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Converting to an HMO: Costs Involved

When I was starting out and assessing properties to convert to HMOs, one of my biggest frustrations was not understanding what the likely costs would be of carrying out the work to convert the property to what I wanted it to be.

03 Aug 2020

Retaining the WOW Factor in your HMO

I am always astounded by the quality of so many new HMOs that are proudly shared on Facebook and other Social Media sites by their creators.

13 Jul 2020

Assembling a Support Team

In this blog, we will look at assembling a key support team to help in matters regarding your HMO.

05 Jul 2020

First HMO - Traps to Avoid

Deciding to set up an HMO is a big commitment and there is a lot that one needs to think about and get right.

28 Jun 2020

How to source an HMO?

I am often asked what the best approach is to take in order to source HMOs. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer, but the key is consistency.

23 Jun 2020

Which HMO Strategy is right for you?

There are essentially five different HMO strategies that you can adopt. Which one is right for you may well be determined by your target area.

09 Apr 2020

08 Nov 2019