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The Complete Resource for HMO Matters


Thank you for taking the time to visit HMO Matters.

Six years' ago,  I didn’t know what an HMO was. What I did know is that I was leaving my house at 7am to commute to work in London and returning well after 8pm with no job security.

I discovered HMOs in 2014, by chance, at an evening property event. Inspired by the speakers and motivated by the prospect of having some additional income to supplement the day job, I completed my first HMO project just 11 months' later. My portfolio grew steadily, until I found myself in the enviable position of being able to leave my day job – my income having been fully replaced by my HMO activity.

Like any business, there are many aspects to setting up and running an HMO. Project Management, Marketing, Interior Design, Accountancy, Sales, Administration are all skills which are required, whether you undertake these roles yourself or harness the expertise of others.

Whilst you never stop learning, I recall very well how particularly daunting it is at the beginning of the journey, when our hunger for know-how is at its greatest. I set up HMO Matters as a one-stop forum for information for all things HMO. Whether you want help with Finance or Design or Sourcing, there should be something for you here and its all free.

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Converting to an HMO: Costs Involved

When I was starting out and assessing properties to convert to HMOs, one of my biggest frustrations was not understanding what the likely costs would be of carrying out the work to convert the property to what I wanted it to be.

03 Aug 2020

Retaining the WOW Factor in your HMO

I am always astounded by the quality of so many new HMOs that are proudly shared on Facebook and other Social Media sites by their creators.

13 Jul 2020

Assembling a Support Team

In this blog, we will look at assembling a key support team to help in matters regarding your HMO.

05 Jul 2020

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